Who am I really?

Many women today feel a sadness we cannot name.
Though we accomplish much of what we set out to do,
we sense that something is missing in our lives and –
fruitlessly, search “out there” for the answers.
What’s often wrong is that we’re disconnected from an authentic sense of self. 

– Emily Hancock

 Do you connect with this quote?
Do you have a sense of who YOU really are?
The person; the woman; the girl inside of the daughter,
sister, wife, mother.

Are you the fat one; skinny one; the one with funny hair; with a big nose; 4-eyes; buck teeth; big boobs or bum or tummy or maybe eyes?
How about the shy one; friendly one; funny one; dumb one.
That bird with brains; the ugly girl; chic chick; dumpy Dora.
Is this all you are?
A physical or mental feature?

Or are you what you do?
Stay-at-home mom (not much in the brain department, can’t contribute); the professional woman (let’s another woman bring up the kids
she selfishly bore);
the part-time worker (no good at either, so she does a bit of both!);
the overworked, frazzled, struggling mom (can’t get it together!).

We get lost so easily, so quickly.
We accept the labels given to us by others,
even the ones who profess to care about us.
We don’t need anyone to blame it on;
we even do it to ourselves!

The only way some women can actually take up any space
in the lives of those we love,
is to become a “physical” presence.
We literally “grow” into a being we eventually disconnect with.
We add size and weight to the fragile girls we once were,
to fill the empty spaces that were dreams, plans and intentions.
We get fat and unhappy and disappointed and embarrassed
by our growing waistlines and more and more disconnected from
not just our authentic selves,
but the people we love.
We become so unimportant and insignificant
that our psyche takes over and leads the misdirect!

Perhaps it isn’t weight that changes us.
Perhaps it is the opposite.
You become obsessed with your looks,
trying to have rigid control over every aspect of your physical self
because you are just as lost and disjointed and unhappy
at what your life has become.

Women have very poor self-images,
that isn’t news,
it’s time to get it back,
time to either find the girl within,
or adjust to and make peace with,
befriend, accept, rejoice in, embrace and celebrate
who we have become.

Created from the rib of man,
to be at his side,
sharing the joys and sorrows,
the thrills and hardships
of the life you make together

You are a living, breathing, vital, incredible, passionate,
sensitive, strong, creative, intelligent,
caring, loyal, beautiful
female person?
You are unique
You are perfect
You are a Becoming Woman.
You are a Phenomenal Woman

 This is a gift, an inspiration, a joy; watch it.
Phenomenal Woman
by Dr Maya Angelou


15 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVE

  1. George Weaver says:

    If we teach women to think like men and act like women, we’re home free. I really believe it is just as simple as that. Worked for me. 😉


    • Do you mean in the sense of: Get it done. Do it now. Do it right. (There’s no 2nd spear if the 1st one doesn’t bring the beast down.) You are responsible, capable, prepared and able.
      That is exactly wha a mother lion is like. She is also the one who works with, cooperates with, organises her fellow packmates to identify, ambush, and bring down the next meal. Beware the power of hungry women!


  2. This really is a beautifully well thought out post and comes at a time when those questions are swirling in my head…I struggle constantly with what I can’t accomplish due to having multiple sclerosis and failing to meet my own and other people’s standards of what is valuable and what isn’t. That is why I started my nature blog 5 years ago to bring forward what makes me happy and brings me joy in my own yard….Michelle


    • My dear Michelle, thank you replying, and so sorry you ended up in SPAM!
      I understand a little of what you are going through with your limitations and the expectations you cannot meet.
      I have had two motor vehicle related accidents in the last 9 years. I suffered head injuries leaving me with a colander-type memory! I have other related problems too.
      I have also decided to concentrate on what brings me joy and contentment, rather than dwell on my limitations.
      There is such beauty and pleasure available to us all by just getting quiet and taking it in. Nature and the observation of animals going about their daily lives is one of my greatest joys! I’m blessed to be able to do so,
      Regards, Charlene


      • Charlene..I am so sorry to hear of your health challenges.. I agree that we have to focus on what we have because there is too much grief in what we don’t. I wanted to let you know if you are interested that I host a nature meme called “Nature Notes” on Wednesdays for the past few years. It is small, but it is a lovely chance to see some of the nature in the world..Just a photo or a poem or anything if you are ever interested….Michelle


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