WTF just happened?

The last 10 days have been a series of ups and downs and loop-de-loops; and I HATE roller coasters!
Eldest and Middle sons have a condition called Keratoconus. Middle son had a successful Cornea transplant in August 2007. Both have very advanced conditions.
Eldest had the new Crosslinking  procedure on his left eye 10 days ago. It was not as successful as hoped for. he must have the right eye done within a month. then he needs very large lenses implanted (they go over most of the exposed eye) into both eyes before the end of the year. this is to save both his vision AND his eyes. Middle sons left eye is worse. Medical Insurance refuses to pay for either Crosslinking or the lens surgeries – saying they are experimental. The cost for both sons is unbelievable. We’re hoping for a “group” discount! Younger son has to be investigated now as well.

Eldest son came home to recuperate for a week. He bought himself a brand new car while here! so excited for him! My old car has virtually handed him a spade and requested burial rights! It’s had 4 “installments” worth of life saving procedures in the last month, and still can’t keep from screaming and passing out every 10 minutes. We’re going to sell it off in bits I’m afraid – poor thing.

Grandies came for a visit too. Poor Baby Grands tummy decided to close up shop. He’s had no ‘action’ for a week. It’s a periodic condition, and we didn’t get him treated early enough. He spent a few days with mum and other grandparents first. Poor little thing is in pain and too scared to let go. But we’re getting there now he’s on treatment!

We had early frost. It has caused a fair amount of crop damage. Poor hubby is very upset. He also has a vicious abscess in a molar!

The ram’s split head is pink and healing, thank goodness. He did what rams do, and viciously head-butted a rival. He opened up from ear to ear across the top of his head. A huge, ugly, gaping wound. But it’s looking great now.

July 2007 I was struck by a speeding motorbike while waiting to cross the road. I rearranged my face by landing on it. Smashed most of the right side until the bones resembled cornflakes apparently. I also tore the ACL, MCL and PCL in my knee, they THINK? 15 “new” teeth have given me a straight and nice smile in a lopsided face. After nearly a dozen eye procedures/surgeries, my vision is much better. I need more eye surgery, but with glasses received 4 months ago, I am able to read and craft again. More orthopaedic, and reconstruction surgeries, physical rehab and stuff are now available too, which will help greatly.

The final court case was on Thursday. I won with costs and future medical treatment being paid by the Road Accident Fund.

The stress has been awful, especially when settlement could not be reached and it was postponed. Seeing 16 Medical Specialists in the last 18 months was really very stressful and particularly dreadful too. But after 5 1/2 hours at the High Court on Thursday, it is over! It’s a huge relief. So, yes, good news, bad news and a large dollop of stress, I am breathing again.


6 thoughts on “WTF just happened?

  1. George Weaver says:

    I have no idea HOW you breathe at all. Good grief, Charlene. You have the most incredible outlook in spite of everything! You are an inspiration! 🙂


    • Dear George! Thanks again for the sweet words. I have come to truly understand from a visceral depth, that we all have stories to tell of great sadness, tragedy and difficulties. Yes, some more than others, but I am not alone.
      A brilliant man, Viktor Frankl, taught me that nothing happens that does not have meaning, that when we fully understand that, we can find joy in living. He wrote Man’s Search for Meaning after surviving a Concentration Camp. He went on to become a brilliant, respected and emulated man of science and wisdom. X


  2. Oh my..I had not heard of that eye condition before so I went to the link to learn more. You and your family have had an awful lot to deal with and that is bad enough, but the added financial burden is horrific. I am glad you had some good news to help…


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