Special Memories of Mom

I love to Scrapbook.
I devoted a page each to my Dad and my Mom
My Dad was easy, I knew him as a person.
He died when I was 20 years old.
His page title is
My Knight in Shining Armour.
My mothers‘ page title is
Special Memories.

Page 1 was easy.
Page 2 not so much.
Choosing photos wasn’t so hard. I only have a few anyway,
so it was “the best of” that made the cut.
Writing down the memories was the problem.
Mom died just before my 10th birthday, 43 years ago
I only have little snippets of memory, here and there.
The memories I do have, are feelings and impressions,
not actual events or times we shared.
I used quotes that fit those feelings and impressions

Happy Mothers Day Mom
I love you


12 thoughts on “Special Memories of Mom

  1. What a lovely tribute to your parents. I’m sad you didn’t grow up your whole life with your mom, but her qualities and personality will live on in you….and in your heart. She is a part of you.
    Such beautiful work you do with scrapping! I am so far behind it’s crazy! Thanks for the follow. I’ve loved your blog since the first time I visited! Take care….


  2. What a beautiful memory you have created of your mom. I am lucky that I am still able to communicate with mine (even though I live far away from her now).


    • Thank you, Colline, you are very lucky. Not having my mom is bad enough, but not having actual memories of her are so much worse. I feel empty and alone in a way that nothing can fill. Treasure your moments with your mom!


  3. This is haven’t read my blog long so you don’t that I have a very difficult relationship with my very difficult parents…There was a lot of alcohol abuse and violence..but I am trying to forgive…..


    • Hi love, I understand alcohol abuse and the damage it causes. I’m so sorry. Forgiveness is hard, I’m stuck there too. But it doesn’t condone bad behaviour, it sets YOU free to move on and flourish. Bless you x


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