Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

baby hands are so beautiful
so full of promise
so innocent and teachable
This is Big G

these baby hands

will learn so much

from a gosling

from a baby pigeon
fallen from the roof
whilst learning to fly

from a rescued kitten

animal husbandry
from an orphaned lamb

the horses



Dad will teach me
to change a tyre

the sweetness of life
from baking yummies

Many things
through others eyes

The world is in your hands

(Join us each week for the Photo Challenge posted atΒ The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. So many of us are unable to keep to one photo this week, have you noticed? Hands is a good challenge and you have so many wonderful responses. Thanks for the link back and I am glad that wordpress did away with the little box being checked for us already after a crazy week of unnecessary emails about comments. This week I feel free to comment away and not worry about a packed inbox.


    • Hello Ruth, Thank you for popping and and leaving a lovely comment. I found it impossible to only post one πŸ™‚ In fact I have more, I may do a Hands II – but from another aspect.
      Yes I’m glad about the little “box”, I was inundated!


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