Summer: Ailsa’s Photo Challenge


Summer in Africa is full of contrasts
Gardens are lush and green
The  veldt (bush) is too
But it is also harsh
The storms are dark and heavy and LOUD!

 This was a 60ml storm in Jan 09

This one was a hail storm right in the middle of summer
Christmas Eve 2010

Our road and the normally dry fields

The Promise after the storm

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30 thoughts on “Summer: Ailsa’s Photo Challenge

    • All true of Africa of course, but there is so much more. We have everything to offer, from gorgeous beaches, snow topped mountains, gorgeously rich valleys, deserts, semi-deserts, rain forests, savannas, incredible fauna, fabulous fauna, rich diversity. Villages lost in time, world-class cities, Cradle of Humankind, man-made seas, snow, forests, waterways. It is marvellous! Come and visit!


  1. Rains make me worry in last years… This is wonderful photograph dear Charlene you captured the rain, summer rain… Thank you, I wish you to have a nice rains and summer days, with my love, nia


  2. Wow, so dramatic, very different summers to what I’m used to. The sheets of rain in the top photo are spectacular, and who doesn’t love a rainbow after a storm 🙂 Thanks for showing us summer in South Africa, Charlene! xxx Ailsa


  3. When it rains in Lydenburg, I put my camera in the ceiling, so that when the flood comes through my house, I don’t loose it. Been flooded twice in ten years, this years luckily not as bad as 2001.


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