Forgive me

I haven’t been around this week, forgive me. It has been momentous. There has been closure of sorts on my long running court case concerning my accident, with celebration. I spent the weekend with my 3 sons, and brought my Grandies for a visit. I bought a Tablet and PC and am getting them set-up, transferring data, learning new stuff, etc.
I’ll be back πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Forgive me

    • I am having a lot of fun learning what my Tablet is able to do.I also got to switch my new PC on today, although only got 20 mins on it!
      So fortunate to have a son who is fascinated with all things IT. He’s given me the Idiots Guide to both! He’s marvelous! He’s also transferred all my data from my laptop, and added all kinds of cool stuff I will eventually figure out!
      My laptop can peacefully retire now. It’s been sick, old and tired for ages. The harddrive is sending out SOS’s regularly. I’m so grateful that it was gracious enough to wait for its replacement before expiring!
      I’m itching to play with it!


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