Joy: Alex Haley

Happiness is a favourable condition caused by an outside circumstance.   You feel Happy when something good happens to you.
Pleasure is really more of a fulfillment of a corporal desire.  You derive Pleasure from things like a good glass of wine, for example.  Or a delicious rich chocolate.
But Joy is something entirely different.  It is something that can only be understood by experience.  Joy is deeper, stronger and cleaner than either Happiness or Pleasure. True Joy is something which finds us; we don’t find Joy.
Nonetheless there were two ways to make it easier for Joy to find us:
1.  To be joyful, we need to do what we were meant to do.  This is fulfilling the “extraordinary dream.”  We were each hard wired to do something in a way that no one else can do it, and that “when we find it, it will absolutely light us up.”  This doesn’t necessarily mean that we should all make a living doing this; however, we should definitely carve time to do it as often as possible. 
And the second way:
2.  There is a unique joy in helping fellow human beings move up the fence post. We are joyful when we can help others succeed.
And finally,  “Whoever said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ was broke.  Of course it can buy Happiness.  What it can’t buy, is Joy.”

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