Animal Friendships

Munchie, Minx and Zakumi

Some of the sweetest friendships to witness are between the very old and very young; between different species; between different walks of life; where chasms once yawned.

This is a friendship between a young dog, a sweet little female who was the runt of the litter, I had to put her on mom’s teat when the others were not around, or full. She slept with me a few nights just after birth as she was so weak. A sweet-natured, loving, caring, motherly little doggie.

She adopted both of these other animals when they were tiny orphans and brought to me to raise. She attended to their grooming, both for cleanliness and bonding. She took care of toilet duties, many baby animals need a warm, wet tongue to move things along. She cuddled and played and reprimanded and loved. My sweet Munchkin, Little feral kitten, Minx, A baby Duiker, Zakumi.

Munchkin grooming Minx

Munchkin kissing Zakumi

Minx and Zakumi adventuring together

Munchkin, Minx and Zakumi off into the world

A dog. a cat and a duiker unlikely, but firm friends. I think there is a lesson here.


54 thoughts on “Animal Friendships

    • My little buck went to live at a safe Game Lodge and has his own harem now. Minx disappeared a year ago, we hope he went feral again, but don’t know. We miss him terribly. Munchie still looks after everything and everyone.


  1. These a very heart warming, inspiring story of love and friendship. Something we all can learn from. Beautiful images that delights the heart. I agree, “Some of the sweetest friendships to witness
    are between the very old and very young;
    between different species;
    between different walks of life.” Thank you.


    • Hi again my fellow-countryman, yes it is so true. This is what I love about the internet: in a sense not seeing one another face to face is great – no preconceived notions to get in the way, no matter HOW evolved you have become. The friendship and like come so naturally. 🙂


  2. Definitely a lesson to be learned here. Friendships are possible across all nations, tongues and races. We just have to lay down own desires for gratification and learn to give wholeheartedly to another, expecting nothing in return. Then we will be blessed beyond imagination.
    I love these photos, and the story. Wonderful.


  3. What a beautiful love story! The photos are just charming. How precious your little Munchkin is to mother these two babies! Your story is very sweet. You could make a book from this story! Thanks for the ping back.


    • Hi Judy, thank you so much for your sweet comment. Munchie is wonderful, whether mothering other animals or not. She falls into “mommy-mode” whenever there is a baby around! I am writing a book about my animals. But finding time hard to come by!!!


  4. Peace and friendships in the animal kingdom is a lesson we should all follow. “and the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid, and the calf and the young lion…and a little boy will lead them.” Isa. 11:6 Thanks for your wonderful pictures.



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