Travel Challenge: Ocean

Travel Theme: Oceans

These photos were all taken at Club Mykonos, Langebaan, Western Cape, South Africa.
This is the Atlantic Ocean.

My 3 boys and I spent a week together, just hanging out.
It was just 8 months after my accident, and it was very special.

The Ocean is my “happy place”,
Going there refreshes, rejuvenates, renews, repletes, re-energises, recreates me.
I miss not living there any more really badly.

These photos are really my simplest, greatest treasures:
my sons, the ocean and a sunset.

I love you guys so very much
Thank you for this time we had together


14 thoughts on “Travel Challenge: Ocean

  1. When were you there? I forgot how long ago you accident was. I can only imagine how you would miss a place like that. It’s so beautiful and serene. and to spend it with your children!


    • Hi George, we were there in April 2008, after the accident in July 2007. We lived in Mossel Bay, on the Indian Ocean coast, and in Cape Town, Atlantic Ocean coast. *sigh* really want to get back there.


  2. I love the place myself and have such happy memories, all my photos from there were destroyed in the floods in Lydenburg 2001, I really need to get back there if for nothing else but to take photos .. a very special place and thanks for sharing with us…


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