One Lovely Blog Award

Dear George,
Thank you so much for the nomination.

I think you are one of the sweetest people here.
I love your blogs
varied, interesting and well-written.
We share a passion for parrots
among other things too.
Bless you and thank you.

Seven Things About Me

I have a Congo African Grey Parrot. He will only allow me to touch, feed and groom without threatening or biting. Silly thing
I have green eyes, and greying, once auburny/browny hair.
I was a Bible teacher to adults, teens and children.
I can whistle through my fingers. Loudly!
I was a very good shot, before my eyes were injured.
I’ve sung solo on stage, and back-up on a record.
I used to act and dance in the theatre, now I do it at home.

Passing along the One Lovely Blog Award

Ronnie Morris




The Guat

Mirth and Motivation

Curmudgeon At Large

Island Traveler

The Wish Factor


Journey Back To Words

Creativity Aroused

Rambling Woods

Cheryl Merrill


I love all my followed bloggers, and would like to give all of you this award, if onl;y, to know more about you! Blessings and love xxx


16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Lovely award…My late friend was a wildlife rehabber and had rescued African Greys.. The male regarded her as his mate and the female took her husband…they are amazing birds…very smart and long lived….Michelle


  2. You are most welcome. That was beautifully done, Charlene. You are much faster than I am! I look forward to visiting the blogs that you nominated. If you like them, so would I! πŸ™‚


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