A smashing time

We have some o.l.d. appliances. Electric stove circa 1969. Gas stove older. Fridges 40 years or so. Freezers also circa 1969. Newbie dishwasher, about 15 years old. Washing machine, also about 15 years old. All have been critically ill at points in their lives, often several times! Well dishwasher was having its turn again.
Hubs swore he would fix the old thing again. It took some months, but he did get around to taking a look. Well it was perched on the draining board of the sink unit and it seems the biggest problem is that the outlet pipe is too high. So it remains perched until he has time to drill through the wall for another outlet. But it is working again!
It is not ideal, as I am short. Well, it happened. The machine received its full load of dirty crockery, cutlery and glassware. I then decided to squeeze one last glass in. Yep, the dishwasher tipped and vomited its contents all over the floor. Poor Baby Grand was keeping me company, and ran screeching and petrified! I yelled like a fisherwoman for help.
Hmmm, we need a new dinner service!
AND I broke a nail!
I also went out and bought a gorgeous new gas/electric stove and matching 2door fridge. We’ll see about a dishwasher and washing machine, perhaps it is time.


7 thoughts on “A smashing time

  1. such a great story, glad you only lost a nail ….. and about time for those new appliances! we just had to get a new dishwasher, and an oven, such a terrible waste of reseources when the old ones are obviously built for redundancy … now the washing machine is refusing to continue through the wash … oh dear!


    • Hi dadirri, too true! I think we need to have use/abuse insurance on our appliances so they aren’t so expensive to replace – and all at once!I’m pretty sure the washing machine is going to go soon. Ahh well


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