Thank you!

My dear fellow bloggers, I wish to express delight and gratitude for the interest shown in my little ramblings here. I have been thrilled with getting to know so many really nice, very talented and interesting people via my new venture.
However, a confession and an apology is due. At 50 posts to 830 comments, I am simply snowed under! I regret that I can’t keep up with replying to every comment. I am not finding time to peruse other blogs as I wish to, neither am I finding time to post anything worthy of perusal.
It started out as a Craft blog, yet I haven’t had time to craft anything in the last month.
I will continue to read as many comments as possible and reply to as many as I can, but forgive me if you don’t receive a reply every time. Bless you all for this dilemma! Please don’t give up on me. Hoepfully, the blog gets better and better.
Thank you so much!
CraftCRAZYGran x


23 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Stressing is the name of the game here, I think. I am just awful about getting back to visit blogs. I never forget the people I like, but they sure don’t know it by my visits! I still can’t get around to comments. I think a lot of people just give up when this thing becomes too invasive in their lives. I never forget you and I don’t believe anybody else will either. If they do, reintroduce yourself when you get around to it! Ha Ha. You are so kind, Charlene. I appreciate your comments and visits, but leave me off until you craft up some stuff! πŸ™‚


      • sooo good to hear that! πŸ™‚ Crafting must wait, again! Son is moving back to help manage the farm, so moving, painting, cleaning! Rather sudden, as hubby has taken on a mentoring position to 4 farmers, and is very busy. Yay! Grandies coming to stay! :-):-):-):-)


      • Base coat done on the office, paints bought to complete tomorrow – hope, then the moving in and arranging. Then the stripping of the flat! A huge job! πŸ˜‰ x


      • Not really! My son is moving back here to the farm. We have a 3 bed flat attached to the main house, that he and the boys will move into. It has been my craft room and office, as well as storage and junk and so on. I, and the “stuff” are moving out so we can ready it for them. So lots to do especially throw out! 😦 hard work!


  2. What it comes down to is that we need to find a balance in our lives – and I know that I do not expect a reply to every comment (especially if it is one that is describing my admiration and is not a question or conversation comment). And if taking time away from responding to comments means we get to see crafts on your blog, then I say go crafting – because isn’t that what we want to see? Until the next craft …. πŸ™‚


  3. Most of us are in the same boat! I can get very frustrated trying to visit all the people who follow me and comment on my posts. I find it nearly impossible. I still struggle with that guilt feeling, but I want to have fun blogging too!
    Don’t worry about it….enjoy your crafting and we’ll all learn something new!


  4. I know exactly what you mean! A while back it was becoming so stressful I couldn’t bear to open my email inbox for the flood of posts and comments tumbling out. WordPress has solved part of that with the new notifications tab, and the other half I solved by turning off the email notifications tab for new posts. Now that streets has gone, I find I go to my favorite blogs to have a read, perhaps a little chat if the topic’s of real interest, or hit the like tab to let them know I was by. Then, if I’ve got time I browse my Blogs I Follow Reader for a while. The trick is to keep it to: when I’ve got time! I don’t know how people like Madhu (The Urge to Wander) cope with hundreds of comments to every post – and she does reply to them all! Tilley Budd at the Laughing Housewife has solved it by threatening anyone who posts a compliment instead of hitting the “like ” button! I applaud that attitude. I suppose what I’m saying is that as part of a community we need to communicate with eachother – it’s part of the responsibility, and the joy. I’m of a mind to follow Tilly’s lead and invite conversation and discourage the Wows, despite the blow to my ego! But I’ve got to achieve a balance, otherwise my site will become static and dead … Good luck, and happy blogging:)


  5. I am unable to respond to every comment, too, but I find by following and reading and looking at other’s blogs and hitting the like button and leaving an occasional comment on their blog, I show appreciation for their looking at mine. At now over 1000 posts it is impossible to give a personal response for each comment. It may hurt my readership #s but it can become a giant time suck, too. I totally understand.


  6. I understand fully what you mean. I don’t think anyone expects to have their comments responded to every time. I feel blogging should be a joy, not another cause for stress. Relax and enjoy I don’t think you will loose any supporters. I like your blog and will continue to read it.



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