Weekly Photo Challenge: Art

I know I missed the Challenge on Create,
But, as always, I have something to say,
So I decided to post this under Ailsa’s Art Challenge!
I haven’t travelled, so, it isn’t famous or even someone else’s,
But I think it is applicable.
Life has been full of busyness!

Creativity, and Art is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having FUN.

So many people have said, “I wish I was creative; could draw; could sew; could make things like you”. Yes, I’m flattered, but I’m not special. Guess what? You can!
I can’t draw like some artists who create beautiful masterpieces that could be photographs, while they doodle and dream and then … draw! But one day I saw a picture and copied it, freehand. I was delighted! It was a good facsimile of the original and I have never looked back!  To draw anything decent, I have to have a picture in front of me. I’ve learned to tweak and change and tailor-make the image, but I can’t do it “out of my head” – yet.
After that first copied drawing of a clown, I went on to draw my own version of all sorts of things! Sure I had disasters and frustrations when I couldn’t get “it” right. But I persevered and practiced and learned. Yes, learned. I had a fantastic Art teacher who showed me techniques, shared tips, challenged me to “see” things differently, “do” things differently. She inspired me and helped me and taught me so much. The drawing above is one of mine – my Masterpiece.
I learned to sew, knit and crochet at my Granny’ knee –  at the end of a ruler she wielded in one hand! To get me back on track when I went off on a tangent you see. Quite effective, that ruler! What I’m really trying to say, if you go beyond my waffling on, is find a teacher. It may be a person or some kind of media. There’s so much to choose from and many of them come free. But there are so many tips and tricks and techniques that can take you from “interested” to “accomplished” in an organised, sensible manner, and in no time you will produce your own masterpiece.
My greatest lesson has been to just “go for it”. To experiment, and try, and fiddle around, and think outside the box. I’ve had wonderful hours of fun by myself, with my boys, with other children, and with adults. Other people have been teachers and encouragers and above all friends! Crafters have to be about the best people there are on earth! They love to share and exclaim enthusiastically over little things! Most of them are a little nutty, but absolutely delightful!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Art

  1. That drawing looks like a photograph! It’s amazing, Charlene. I consider myself to be creative, I love to make things but I would never say I’m an artist. I just have an artist’s soul. : ) There’s something so therapeutic about imagining something and then working with your hands to create what’s in your head. I would love to live in an art room. I love the smells of all the supplies and the endless possibilities. Thanks for stirring that feeling up in me. Sometimes I get busy and lose sight of that part of myself.


    • Thank you for such a lovely compliment! Art and making things is a wonderful, therapeutic, calming, enriching experience. EVERYONE who Wats to can create art, it’s self-expressionn no rules, no right, no wrong!
      Sometimes the smells can be unpleasant! Lol, but I know what you mean! X


  2. My children’s art teacher also claimed that any one who puts his heart to it, can have some form of success. Your picture shows MUCH MUCH more than just average talent


    • Dear Rosa, I believe that too! Often we can produce amazing results by “seeing” or “doing” things differently. Try copy-drawing upside down, or cover up large parts of a picture and draw only bits you can see.
      I also thank you for your compliment x


  3. You are so right Charlene, a TEACHER in some form or other makes so much difference – I like to be nudged and know that what I’m trying to do is generally headed in the ‘right direction’! – that is where a teacher can encourage and inspire confidence in the uncertain and wobbly self! Love your sketch! x


    • Hi Ailsa, thank you so much! I am planning to travel in September, so will have to store up many, many photos for the future!!! 🙂 Elephants are fabulous and awe-inspiring and beautiful!!!


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