Busy bee, that’s me

I simply haven’t touched sides in the last two months!
I need 36 hour days to get things done, the way I want to!

We had the Grandies come and visit for a month.
Then had 4 young 2nd-cousins for 2 weeks of school holidays.

I’ve also been my own travel-agent
Booking my trip to the UK on-line!
It has all been booked and paid!
I’m going to spend loads of time with family and dearest friends.
Touring England,
A bit of Wales,
And I’m touring Ireland too!

My son and 2 Grandies are moving back to the Farm.
Great joy!
But that means I’m having to move out of the flat attached to the main house!
No easy task!

Yeah, reallllllly busy!!!!

My Craft Room was a tandem garage.
It is now an ordinary sized office.
It was a hodge podge of hand-me-down furniture,
Cardboard boxes, revamped whatevers for storage purposes, etc.
Not a pretty sight!

I’ve done a refurbish, renovate, repurpose and
Totally made-over my storage.
We painted everything white – it’s a dark room.
I covered, labelled and re-packed (getting rid of little!).
It looks really great!

So there’s been crafting, painting and decor involved.
My new Craft Room is in the centre of the house,
It has a large window facing the garden
And I love it!
I hope you will forgive my absence.


16 thoughts on “Busy bee, that’s me

    • Thank you so much, it was very therapeutic and thouroughly enjoyable. It also cost far less than a totally new make over would have. Besides there are all kinds of memories and special things associated with each piece of furniture 🙂


  1. You really have been busy. You deserve that vacation. Your craft area is well organized and looks inspiring for many creative opportunities. I’m jealous. (smile)



  2. Oh my goodness, you have been busy!!! Sometimes I feel I spend more time “organizing” than I do using the items themselves! haha! You did a great job and everything looks lovely.
    I’m happy for you about your upcoming trip to England, Wales and Ireland. That should be fantastic. You’ll have to take lots of pictures and blog about it when you get back.

    Have fun and be safe!


    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank for saying so, I’m very happy with the way it came out. Problen is, I have a cupboard, and File cabinet and boxes of stuff that doesn’t fit!~!! now, where can I find a place to store all that! Maybe the Potato Room? lol
      I am going to the UK (1st time EVVA!) 31 Aug to 30 Sept! I CAN’T WAIT!
      I intend taking a million photos! And I will be blogging some of them!!!!


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