Scrapbooking: My Passion!

I swore I wouldn’t begin yet another hobby!

But when Grandie #1 made an appearance!
Well you have to showcase the most beautiful Baby in the World!

When #2 came along!
Well the most brilliant, gorgeous, funny, clever, children have to be documented!

Besides, it incorporates all my other crafts,
so it isn’t really new;
it just requires lots of supplies
masses of room
a new camera
a photo quality printer



9 thoughts on “Scrapbooking: My Passion!

  1. My wise old grandmother loved to create scrapbooks and photo albums. In fact, it was from her back in the 1960s that I learned that photos are just the basics that come out of the camera and the basices are just the start of a great scrapbook or photo album.


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