A New Adventure

I’ve been working on a project, when I have the time, with great excitement!
But first a little background. July 18th or 67 Minutes for Madiba is a national Community Service Day in South Africa.  Nelson Mandela served 67 years of his life for the world, and its our way of extending that in his honour.
This year we celebrated with cakes and cooldrinks at 3 parties. The Farm Primary School with 50 children; our 34 Farm Workers; and 20 older folk, caretakers and tots in our farm village.  As part of the celebration the children got new winter school uniforms and shoes, and the littlies got tracksuits.
One of the mums came with me to buy everything. Betty is great. We talked about the young women in the village, I have wanted to teach them to sew, knit and crochet for their children particularly, but also as a means to earn money. Betty is thrilled and says she’d be happy to be translator and co-teacher. We also talked about a preschool for the littlies in the village. She will teach if I help.
I’ve invested in a Home School Program, and stocked up on supplies. Some things will be made by the villagers. We need a playground, a veggie patch, a hen house, and certain supplies like bean bags, dolls and soft toys, blankets, curtains, aprons, etc will be made by moms as part of the Adult Learning Program. There is also a need for Adult Literacy lessons.
We have a large Hall used for Church, Gatherings, etc which will be used for both projects.
We were supposed to start this week, but I’m confined to bed!
Drat! I’m excited!

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18 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Why is it the good people who want to help and have so much to give have such challenges to get through in order to do it…I hope you get back on your feet and I know it will be a success…you are a wonderfully giving person Charlene and I am happy to have met you here in blog world…Michelle


    • It is a wonderful thing! Some of the things done on Madiba Day are astounding! It feels so good to bring huge grins of delight and gratitude to those sweet little faces too! Well worth it! Thank you dear Ruth, bless you


    • There are great things going on all over this fabulous country. There are so many unsung heroes doing so much with virtually no resources, no support and no recognition. Our politicians should take a look at some of these initiatives.


  2. Well I hope your health returns quickly to you and good luck with the project, it’s so good to hear of work of this nature in our country.. kudos to you.. I stand in absolute admiration..


    • Ah you sweet man, thank you for your kind words. It is a drop in big ocean, and there are many more! My sister is running 3 Preschools in the Townships near where she lives, with 100’s of children, and they are fed a full meal everyday. Another friend, Farmfolk.wordpress.com is involved in a big way ith schools, veggie gardens and a huge amount more. There are many more too


  3. How exciting. You are such a great lady to give of your time. Praying all is well with you and you will be out of bed ASAP. Also praying for your success in all you do.



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