Furious, but deeply thankful too

At 2am lasr Saturday night, my middle son MG, went to his kitchen for a drink of water. On his way back he realised there were men in the open plan living area, trying to untangle the TV from it’s wires. They ran out through the open patio doors. The frightening thing is that he’d walked past them to get to the kitchen, but they simply carried on! They took his wallet, the days takings and cellphones. Really scarey! Thank heavens the children didn’t fall asleep in front of the tv that night!
Last night, my eldest son HJ, spent the night at a friend. His flatmate was also away for the night. Their house was broken into, the security gate actually pulled out of the wall! They took both the flat screen tv’s – my son only got his about a month ago. All the audio equipment, all the video equipment, games, and other electronic equipment. Two laptops, all their suits, and that is what they’ve accounted for till now. The police say they know this gang, they are heavily armed, and not afraid to kill. They are very lucky young men!
I am so upset. I keep dissolving into tears, and I wasn’t even there. I thank the Lord that nobody was hurt in either case.


31 thoughts on “Furious, but deeply thankful too

  1. The house we lived in before this one was broken into 12 times over a few years. We didn’t even replace the last DVD player that was stolen…why bother. We eventually moved to an apartment. In our case it was a young boy. The police knew who it was, but he was underage and they could do nothing.


  2. Madelaine says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad no one got hurt. That has to be one of the scariest things ever.
    Do you have an alarm system?


    • Hi Madelaine, thank you. It is scary. My middle son lives on a farm – alarms are pretty pointless, just scares the horses :-). My eldest lives in a security controlled, patrolled, townhouse estate, with very high walls topped by electric fences, and security gates and bars on windows. That made no difference either. Awful


  3. OH MY! How frighting! It is such a shame that we live in a world that you cannot be safe in your own home. I am also thankful your children are safe. Praying this gang will be caught. Praying for your return to peace and security. Praying for the recovery of items stolen. Thankful no injuries occurred.



  4. I don’t know why I press the like button on a blog like this… there is nothing to like about it.. in fact its infuriating… a reality of todays life.. please take my like as a sign that I’m with you and not as a fact that I like what happened…


  5. What a horrendous experience! People like those people put fear into hard working folks; They are three steps lower than human, in my estimation. You’re right, though; you have to be grateful that nobody was hurt. I am so sorry that you had this terrible experience.


  6. A gripping life says:

    Oh Charlene!! How scary! Yes, you’re right to look at it as a blessing that no one was killed. The world can be frightening.


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