Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


Yucky. That’s what my Grandie calls these growths.
Doctor calls them ganglions.
They attach to the tendon which gets excited and balloons up.
Often an old injury, yeah,
like 5 years ago in my tangle with a motorbike.
They are not so attractive,
Hurt too,
They’ve snagged the nerve,
and wrapped and squeezed it good and solid;
So I have two and a half dead fingers too.
Tuesday afternoon I’m having them removed!
No more Yucky!
Thank goodness!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

    • Hi Michelle, I’m doing well, irritated with the splint and bandages, aahhh! Still no feeling in pinkie and most of ring finger. Patience *sigh* Grandies have been here for 2 weeks again. Everyone was sick, pneumonia (me), bronchitis and Gastro (Grandie), tonsillitis and sinusitis (Baby Grand), serious tonsilllitis (hospitalized, my youngest son) and hubby had stomach and colon problems. I’m rather tired of all this nonsense! We are normally pretty healthy, so I am reclaiming health and healing for all of us.
      Now it’s the last stretch to my son and the Grandies big move back here to the farm, and my packing for my big overseas trip! Life is as frenetic as ever! 🙂


    • Dear Madelaine and Island Traveller, thank you for your concern. The op went well I think, doc had to remove some damaged bone too, which is rather more painful! There were also 2 incisions because of nerve impingement. Stitches come out 20th, and splint comes off 30th; just in time for me to jet off on holiday 31st!
      I had terrible pain on the 2nd day, back to surgeon, who redid the bandages, the swelling caused the bandages to become too tight. OMG! What a nightmare!


    • Thank you Madelaine. There sre two incisions, one to remove the ganglions and the damaged bone, the other to free the strangled nerve. I should have had normal-feeling fingers by now, but that hasn’t happened yet. So we wait and see. Stitches come out Mon 20th, and splint comes off 30th, the day before I fly off on my adventure! Thanks for caring, bless you x


  1. A gripping life says:

    George Weaver and I thought he same thing! I thought, Gee, Charlene is not only brave she’s down right casual about having her fingers removed! Hahaha! I hope it all goes well and that you’re back to crafting very soon. I hope you’re having a great time with the Grandies! : )


  2. Gosh hope all goes well… talk about fighting battles… you seem to be in the thick of things, yet brave Gran.. heads off and away with you, you brave woman you… memories of accidents must be removed.. God guide the hands of the surgeon… Go for it Crazy Gran..


  3. I am glad you are getting them removed. I have a vague memory of seeing these and the remedy back then was to take a large book and slam it down on them. Thankful for modern medicine that replaces home style remedies. Praying for the success of their removal and the limitation of your pain.



    • Hello Francine, yes I’ve heard that one! It worked on another one on the same wrist (after the operation failed). I wacked my wrist hard by accident and the ganglion burst. These two are over the bone, and another inside the joint, and the nerve is impinged too, so can’t do that. Good riddance!


  4. Good grief, I thought you meant the fingers when you said “removed”. It read like that! Ha Ha. I scrolled and saw the cysts and knew what you meant. Hey, I wouldn’t put anything past a wild woman like you! If the fingers are a problem, just chop em off! I’m teasing, but considering everything that’s happened to you, nothing would surprise me that you get into! Glad you’re fixing the things! 🙂


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