The Dreaded Lurgy

Actually,  I don’t feel light-hearted about this at all. The oldies, my in-laws, are 90 and 87. They both suddenly became ill this week. Ma is so weak she can barely sit up. Her cough is that of a drowning person. She is really ill. As ill as the old man is, he’s fussing and concerned for her, trying to encourage her to drink her tea, etc. We are really worried!
My youngest (23), had his 4 wisdom teeth out a week ago. He’s been doing really well. Friday night he didn’t feel well. Saturday morning it was slightly sore throat, ears, coughing a bit. He must have picked up my germs – I had pneumonia last week. Or he got it from the Grandies who had bronchitis, and are still coughing badly – they arrived Monday.
All in all, not a healthy household this week.
Well hubs took youngest son to hospital at 5 this morning. He’s been throwing up, shivering non-stop and tonsils are on fire! Poor thing. Now, I’m impatiently waiting to hear what they decide to do with him. His throat is gross!
I’m an unhappy bunny 😦


14 thoughts on “The Dreaded Lurgy

  1. An Update
    Thank you all for your prayers and healing thoughts. I was cleared for my op tomorrow, my lungs are clear.
    Grandie went for a follow-up, he’s still coughing, but a lot better, just going to be nebullized to help clear chest.
    Baby Grand unfortunately had tonsillitis and sinusitis and horrible eczema. I think he has an allergy to strawberries, and the sinus and eczema are from that, the tonsils decided to also climb in on the act!
    My son was discharged after having a drip, injections and given meds. today he was the same, so he went back to doc. another drip and injections, and the same tomorrow, he’s really bad! But there IS improvement!
    Bless you all for caring, I am very grateful 🙂


    • Dear Lisa my equilibrium is being tested! Son felt a lot better after being drpped, injected anf medicated. Now he must have them out, as soon as posssible. The Grandies are just not getting well, so a follow-up for them tomorrow. Poor little things. I’m hoping my lungs are clear for op on Tuesday! Trying to be healthy with this lot around me is a challenge!


  2. Sounds as though you need a hug… hope all turns out fine and all soon become well again… hope the bunny cheers up soon… hold on are you not off next week for an op yourself..? Need to put your whole family in my prayers…


    • Thank you very much for your prayers, they are the best medicine. Son discharged after being on a drip, injections and meds. He must have the rotten things out as soon as infection is gone! Poor thing.


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