Dreams Do Come True

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Dreams do come true; sometimes, they’re even better in ‘real life’. My trip has been like this, better than I dared even hope for! All the drivers, conductors and official type people have been fantastically friendly and helpful. When there has been time, chatting to me and telling me the nicest places to go, calling out to me to tell me when I’ve reached my stop, and wishing me a lovely trip. I love the public transport system! Although not always on time, they have been clean, comfortable and I have met some really nice people! Even the loos have been very good!

The weather has been glorious, if a little colder than anticipated! Yes really! In Bath, we were nearly blown away, :-), but it was on an open-top bus where houses were built in a long, high row as a wind-break for the Gentrified buildings on the other side. The only rain has been at night, or when I was in a restaurant or shop. I’ve come out to sunshine and beauty every time but once! Although I did get my raincoat and umbrella out then, and was lightly drizzled on for about a minute! It felt like a gentle kiss :-). There was also the rainy day in London, but I was always under-cover and unaffected! Glorious!

The countryside is absolutely stunning, and I have fallen in love with England and Wales. The architecture is breathtaking, and I have so many photos of buildings! Many of the homes I’ve seen are great too, with pretty little gardens. However, there have been some that are so full  of “stuff”, you wonder what lives in them alongside the people! I saw a flat’s balcony piled to the roof with a vast assortment; a fridge, door open and stuffed full, suitcases, pots and pans, blankets, pram, bicycle, and so much more, incredible! Some of the back yards you see from the train are beautiful, and the neighbour has a junkyard of scrap-metal.  All so interesting.

I have taken many photos, from buses and trains, of farms! They’re so different from ours! Firstly they’re beautifully green, and edged with hedges, trees or pole fences. No barbed wire anywhere! The farmhouses are also just gorgeous! All sorts of styles and sizes, but almost all look old. I’ve seen a fair amount of maize growing too! I love the woods and forests too, there is such an abundance of them! The flowers are gorgeous although not as many of those, the changing colours of the leaves on the trees provide gorgeous colour.

I’ve seen all sorts of sheep – many with black face and legs, like Shaun the Sheep, my Grandies favourite TV show! All kinds of cattle too. The crows are all black, while ours are black and white. I’ve seen a few different types of deer, most in pairs. I was so excited! Every time has been from the train, so I haven’t been able to take a photo unfortunately. The best sighting was soon after Weymouth, there was a very large herd in a field! I was thrilled!


6 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. My daughter said Bath was a great place to visit. did you like it? did you see the Roman Baths? It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Isn’t it funny how different the farms are? I’m sure all that green was a feast for your eyes.


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