City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford

Wednesday 12th September 2012: Originally, I was to start my adventure 30th August 2012. I chose to postpone my trip due to the very serious illness of my Mother-in-law. She had been ill for weeks, and was then diagnosed with pneumonia too.  At 87 years old, not what you want to hear. She was in hospital for many days, and finally came out weak and unable to move. So sad and difficult for everyone, especially for her. She was always quite active, bustling around the kitchen most of the day, cooking up a storm. But, she was more concerned about my trip! So, 2 weeks later, I was off!

My 2 flights over went without a hitch. The underground to the Bus Station and bus to Oxford were really easy to find and board etc. I loved the bus trip to Oxford Train station, and fell in love with England in those first 2 hours! My hotel was simple to get to by taxi, and was very comfortable. Noisy neighbours were a minor pain in the butt for two nights, but I was having  the time of my life!

Link: Why is it called the City of dreaming spires?

Thursday 13th September, OXFORD:  is absolutely magnificent, and I fell completely under  its spell. I was blown away by its history, beauty, buildings and gardens.

I’d love to go back for a week at least! I want to visit the University Colleges and Scools, museums, libraries, churches, etc, etc. I want to go down the river in a punt, I want to walk the streets and soak it all in! I want to ride a bicycle around like hundreds of others do, from pimply faced boys to robed and bearded profs looking as though they should be on horseback! I want to see the theatres and pubs where CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and the like hung out. See the stained glass window with a toilet in the middle! Walk where Lewis Carrol dreamed up his tales of Alice. It is magnificent this city!

I did two rounds on the Hop on Hop off bus, and took dozens of photos! I had the camera on ‘continuous’  lol! I think some passengers were convinced I was a reporter / journalist! It was such fun. I was so sad to leave with so much unseen, unexplored and unknown.

My camera backpack was really great, but HEAVY and kept knocking people flying and bashing into things. I made a foray into Debenhams, where Aladdin surely left the Genie! Oooh such lovely things, and they were having a massive sale! I got a Cabin-approved rolling suitcase with a long handle for £25.00 marked down from £133.00. A lifesaver! My large camera backpack fits inside and it was a pleasure to use. It also doubled as a walking stick!

My ankle hampered me a lot, it was extremely swollen and sore, which is why I elected to do two bus tours, rather than walking tours. Spraining your ankle 3 weeks before the trip of a lifetime is really daft! Twisting it again the night before leaving is crazy! But, NOTHING was going to spoil this for me!


12 thoughts on “City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford

  1. I can’t imagine how you did all this on your leg like that.. You had asked where we had been in England. I was only 11 and it was my Mother who was doing research for her doctoral dissertation in philosophy so we were in Oxford a lot and also visited Scotland…Michelle


    • How fabulous for you. I have to go back to Oxford and explore, I fell in love with it! It has so much to see and discover and experience! It is as magical as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. How appropriate that the real setting for those stories was in this magical city! X


    • Hi, it is worrying especially at their age. We never expected Dad to go now though. He was “well” for a 90 year old with diabetes and a triple bypass. She is so frail now, and this has been very hard on her of course. On the way to the funeral she said she’d thught she’d go first.
      Makes you realise how quickly life changes, and to tell your loved ones how much you love them!


  2. poppytump says:

    Oh it’s lovely to hear such enthusiasm ! You ‘re right it’s a great City . So much to explore and see . I’m trying to see a different bit every time I go there … next time more time in the Pitt Rivers Museum I think .


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