Bloody Ankle!

Well no wonder! I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon today, about my sore ankle. He saw a fracture on the xrays I had last week (2nd lot I’ve had) and sent me for a CT scan. Fractured Talus dome, torn cartilage and torn ligament. Certainly not good for walking and touring on overseas! Darn it. I’ve done some damage!
So surgery is scheduled for Thursday next week. It’s been 10 weeks already, I wonder how much longer it will be?


27 thoughts on “Bloody Ankle!

  1. poppytump says:

    AHA you have 2 persona cheeky !
    Thanks for crochet tip off . I’m not sure I am ready to tackle that at the moment . I mean I can multi task like the rest of you πŸ˜› .. BUT. . I do need to get on with stuff I ‘ve been just thinking about for awhile aswell as all this Time – Consuming -But – Necessary-Blog -Business LOLOLOL
    Hope your w/e is going not too hobbledy ho .


    • 2 of my boys were home for the w/end – eldest & youngest. It was nice. I sat in the recliner and crocheted, watched TV and relaxed. Ankle is sore! It’s worse now than when I was overseas! Tut, tut!


  2. Oh no and you managed on that…oh why did that have to happen..I will keep Ray in my thoughts as he will be very busy, but it is a labor of love…I will keep you all in my thoughts…hugs..Michelle


    • Michelle, thank you so much, you’re a sweetheart!
      I am really stubborn, lol. The ankle really was painful and very swollen. I have been on Ibuprofen and powerful pain meds for nearly 11 weeks now. I could not let it stop me too much. But it limited me to only the open top tour buses. I couldn’t go into the museums, churches, etc as I’d love to have done. I still had a fabulous, amazing and wonderful time!


  3. Oh Charl – I am just reading of your news – You have done amazing things whilst obviously beiing in great pain – and all of that with a huge smile and a caring word for those around you – You are amazing!!! All the best for the weeks ahead xxx


  4. A gripping life says:

    I guess that was a case of Charlene’s mind over the matter of her foot. I might have done the same thing, after all the time you spent planning your trip and all the excitement…
    I’m sure they’ll fix it up right. Sending positive thoughts your way.
    Please get some good rest, Charlene. Use this time to recharge your batteries.


    • Hey Lisa! I’m getting enough rest!!! Was planning on starting a bicycle exercise/weightloss routine to remove some of me, grrr! We’ll exercise patience instead lol. Planning to do some crochet work though! Expect photos!


  5. poppytump says:

    😦 um I think I have only an inkling ! oops of your ankle troubles but wish you well CCG .. maybe time for some hooky [ of the crochet kind – clever thing – I can barely knit and certainly can’t crochet as you percieve from my admiration of your little hand crafted animaux ! ] and maybe some time to post some more pix too !


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