A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Mother


If roses grow in heaven, Lord,
Then pick a bunch for me.
Place them in my Mother’s arms,
And tell her they’re from me.
Tell her that I love and miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And hug her for a while.

My mom was cruelly, unmercifully, tragically murdered when I was nearly 10 years old. It’s been 43 years of making my own way. Of feeling 10 years old, and being told your mommy is dead. Of trying to be, hoping to be, the daughter you would have been proud of. One you would have enjoyed and laughed with, shopped with, had coffee with. We could have shared cooking secrets and and raising children secrets. You should have been a proud Granny; and led me through the baby years, soothed through the toddler tantrums and guided me through their school days. I needed your wisdom, sympathy and hand to hold through their teens and young adulthood. I needed you through my teens and adulthood. I wish I’d known you as an adult. Or you’d known me as an adult, a wife, mother, grandmother. You would have loved your grandchildren. My youngest has your magnificent titian hair! Your Great-grandchildren are equally wonderful!
I miss you Mom, especially in recent months. I long to have your arms hold me and to hear you tell me it’ll all be alright. After 43 years, I am still your little girl.
But I’ll be fine, Mom. Afterall, I AM your daughter!

This post is in response to a challenge issued by Sue Llewellyn, A Word in Your Ear. Once a week a word will be picked from randomly opened page of her dictionary. Post a photo, poem, story, whatever to describe the word.


18 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Mother

  1. Oh Charlene…So sad and such a lovely tribute ..I enjoyed the comments too. We are all crabby at one time or another especially when not feeling well and when we have to depend on other people..believe me I know….hugs..Michelle


    • Ah my friend, yes you do know! I’m pretty grumpy now, although the op was good. The first dressings were changed and the drain removed yesterday. Up till then I only had moderate pain. But it has been horrid since! My doc has gone away for the weekend, and physio and nursing sisters are shocked that I don’t have a ‘back slab’ to splint the foot. They couldn’t contact him. Physio said absolutely no walking, foot may not touch the ground at all until he has spoken to doc on Monday. He will then phone me with instructions. He also said, doc hasn’t done many of these ops, as it is a rare fracture. The damage was really extensive, it appears that all the cartilage is gone, with little chance of regrowth. He informed me I’d probably have long term problems. How nice. So I’m grumpy and staying that way for now.
      How is your garden doing after the storm? Was there flooding and damage? The bird life? They must go through such terror! Poor little things! Btw, we have over 20 goslings, they are soooo cute! Lots of love, Charl


  2. Supergran this strengthens my renaming… what a tragic beginning to a young life… and what a testament to a woman that in a short time had such an influence over you to make you the Supergran I think you have turned out to be… I’m sure your misfortune of loss at such an early age has made you a perfect mother to your children and a Supergran to your Grandchildren… and you have your Mother to thank for that… I’m sure you have risen in the image of your Mom and that kick off poem is a true keeper… I love it… continue to be strong and the Supergran that I think you are…


    • Dear Rob, I thank you for your lovely encouraging and kind words. I’m really just ordinary, making big and small mistakes. I let my husband do far too much for me, and do not reciprocate nearly enough for him. I’m selfish and grumpy and lazy.
      The poem is lovely, NOT mine, but I have no idea whose it is.
      I can be very strong, but drive the family crazy with details and planning and being meticulous about some things. I’m flawed and ordinary in many ways. But thank you so much! 🙂


  3. Your mother would have been very proud of you I am sure. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a parent in such a horrible way at such a young age. I am very lucky to still have my mother. My father died 4 years ago at the age of eighty….old enough for me to really appreciate what a wonderful man he was.


  4. I am so sorry for the tragedy of your lost. I hear your cry and longing for your mom. I am sure she would be proud of the woman, wife and mother you have become. In the ten years she was with you she laid a good foundation in you, that you have laid in your own children. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long we live, but what we do with the time we have. Your mother did her best, just look in the mirror.



  5. Charlene, this is a touching tribute. I cannot imagine that you have survived so many terrible events and remain such a strong and gentle soul. Your mom would have been proud of you. And, she would have been amazed by the woman you have become … against the odds. She is sending hugs from heaven. I know it.


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