I have accepted the challenge! Since it seems I may be “non-weight-bearing” for a time, I have no excuse not to chain myself to my laptop and pound the keyboard incessantly!

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Well an update is called for:

As some of you know the last three months have been very eventful and extremely stressful for me. I’ve had 4 surgeries since the end of July. Fallen down 3 times. Been overseas on an undiagnosed broken ankle. Seen my ma-in-law get very ill, be hospitalised twice, undergo emergency life-saving surgery, be in ICU for 10 days, and she is still in hospital. Bury my father-in-law, have other issues that I haven’t mentioned that are life-changing and far-reaching. Too much too soon.

Anyway, I’m done with the challenge for this year. What I added to my WIP was so different from what I’d already written. I got out 6003 words, and realised I was doing myself a disservice. The book is light and fun in parts. My NaNo contribution was little more than dry facts and uninteresting.

Such is life!


14 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Hi Charlene,
    Good luck with your WIP. I am trying to finish mine. Stayed up and from 12.01 am wrote and wrote and wrote. Consuming loads of black coffee now…we should become writing buddies on the sight and spur the other to greatness. I hope your happy with your progress.


    • Hi Jo, I’d like that very much! Find me at “breaknankle”. Any other Nanowrimo’s please join me as a writing buddy too!
      I’m having my op today, so don’t expect to do much writing for a couple of days, but will do some.
      Lots of luck to you all.


    • Hi Poppy! Thanks so much. The ankle is exactly why I’m entering, since I’ll be unable to walk for a while.
      I’m not really bothered about the word count, just the discipline of working on my book for a sustained period, and furthering it, hopefully finishing a complete draft!
      It’s exciting!
      Bless you


    • Hi Ronnie, it is to write 50 000 words of new fiction in November. There are Rebels like me though, who are doing it differently. I’m using it as a disciplined time of writing to finish, or greatly further, my WIP. It is where you meet other writers doing the same thing in Forums, have fun stuff to encourage you etc. You ‘win’ by doing what you set out to do.


      • Dear Ronnie, you’re not being a pest at all! WIP is a Work In Progress/Process. I have about 20 000 words down already, but am only about 1/3 the way through. Nano has Forums for different Genres where you can “meet” other writers. Some cities have special events to physically meet up and write/brainstorm/whatever. There are people who form writing partnerships, or become writing buddies – reading one anothers work and encouraging/spurring them on etc.
        It sounds like a fun challenge. Have a look at the site.


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