Darn it! I’d rather have fiction right now, the truth hurts! An Update

So an update on the other post.

Mil left hospital for 5 days, and went back for 3 days with a blockage. My heart bleeds for her, it is painful, her dignity is compromised with a baggie and catheter. She has been moved to Frail Care, sharing with a stranger, but she’ll quickly befriend her. Poor old lady!

I saw the surgeon again today. 3 weeks post-op. My foot has mobilized really well, bruising is almost gone too. There is an adhesion I have to massage everyday – NOT nice! The prognosis, though, is painful. He says it will not heal significantly, and arthritis WILL set in. I will need an ankle replacement within 10 years. They’re not terribly successful yet, so unless they come up with something new, I will have my ankle “stiffened” to prevent movement. That was something of a shock. A big one!
I see him again in 2 months. I must start trying to put some weight on the foot, and be walking unaided when I see him. Foot and physio will guide me. I also had a cortisone injection into my other hip for a bursitis I’ve had for years, but has been very well-behaved for months. With all the strain it has had to take in the past 3 months, it hurts like I’ve been skewered with a red hot poker! Only problem is that I don’t sleep for 24 hours after one of those!
I’m now looking for a recumbent trike to ride around the farm on. I have an even bigger incentive to lose weight now! It will keep my injury from worsening fast. I can’t ride yet, but am hoping by Christmas? That’s if I find one here! Otherwise we’ll have to make it ourselves! I’m banned from a bike, from doctor, physio down to my 5 year old Grandie! They all say I’ll fall off! I keep falling off my own feet, so I suppose they have a good point. Anyway the tummy, bum and back work harder on a recumbent, which is just what I need! Wish me luck finding one!
Thanks for “listening”! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Darn it! I’d rather have fiction right now, the truth hurts! An Update

  1. You are describing the non-fun part of aging.
    Having undergone a foot operation several years ago where I was not allowed to put weight on the foot for nearly six weeks, I know a little of the problems you are going through. If the doctor permits a recumbent bike, it may be a way both to get exercise and get around.


    • Hello Curmudgeon, I’m going into my 5th week now. Yay! The biggest bother are the adhesions, they are painful and so is the massage to improve them!
      I’ve had to forget the recumbent trike, it costs 50 000 here new! 17 000 2nd hand, whereas a new bike costs 1 000! Simply ridiculous, so I’m hoping my husband will be able to convert a bike to a trike for me early next year!


  2. poppytump says:

    Hoping things are going along a bit better Charleen you’ve certainly got your hands full . Little by little …. physio takes time doesn’t it . My husband called them physio terrorists when he broke his ankle way back parachuting (!) but he did perservere and won the battle 🙂
    Take care .


  3. Oh Charleen…this is awful..I get the sense that you are a strong and determined woman or you wouldn’t have come back from your other injuries.. but another blow… sigh.. I had never seen a bike like that but I think it looks promising. I hate the age-related things that keep chipping away at my mobility and yours too. Injury leads to arthritis and pain and those shots do hurt and I have only had them in my shoulders… I am sending you hugs…..Michelle


    • Thank you so much for. Your support, especially when you need under-pinning yourself! This is hard, but, I’ll find a way, it’s what I do!
      Post surgical depression is a bummer, but I’m fighting and will come out of it. Bless you


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