My Bloody Ankle Part 2

I “sprained” my  ankle 14th August 2012, just walking with the Grandies, and paying our respects to the bull. Little K wanted to climb through the fence to pet said bull, and I hurriedly went to grab him! Promptly tripped over a tree root. It was agonising! Big G ran to find his uncle, while I lay on my back trying to stem the flow of curse words backing up against my firmly bitten lips – Little K was sitting next to me “kissing it better”, I couldn’t let him be privy to what I was really wanting to say. I was only weeks away from my Dream Trip to England, Wales and Ireland. I knew I had hurt my ankle quite badly and was devastated!
Husband immediately said I’d have to cancel my trip. I haven’t been accused of being stubborn just for fun in the past, I walked! Well limped anyway.
I did go overseas 4 weeks later, after an xray a week before I left because of swelling and pain. Nothing showed. It was painful, and very swollen. It steadily got worse and worse.I just stayed on the various bus tours everywhere, and hobbled to and from the trains.
The Orthopaedic Surgeon diagnosed a fracture on the Talar Dome with the aid of  a CT scan.  11 weeks after my fall, 1 November, he operated. It was a serious fracture, the bone and the cartilage was exploded into floating bits, so it was all removed, the bone scraped back until it bled, then holes drilled to encourage blood to flow into the area to heal and hopefully rebuild some new cartilage. Then he did a synovectomy to release the torn and inflammed tendons,  fortunately the torn ligament was healing itself, so he left that alone.
It is now 8 weeks since surgery. I am in a moonboot and on crutches and still only partially weight-bearing. My patience is being tested to the limit! I still have a fair amount of pain, and am very irritated! However, with another overseas trip planned for April, Italy, England and Ireland this time, I’m trying very hard to suck it up and follow my physiotherapist’s instructions. Just to add spice to the mix, I have adhesions at both incisions! Joy!
Oh well, I’m past the halfway mark for recovery, 6-12 weeks it is said. We tried losing the boot and 1 crutch at 6 weeks, but it swelled and the pain was fierce! So at 9 weeks I return to therapy and we’ll try again. Wish me luck please!


10 thoughts on “My Bloody Ankle Part 2

  1. Oh this whole thing has been so drawn out and awful for you dear Charlene..but I would say that your best chance of going away again is to do what the doc and therapist want you to do so you don’t have more set-back.. I am so sorry about this… hugs..Michelle


    • Hi Debra! I intend to be in Bagni di Lucca! Your posts have made me fall in love with it! I would love to meet for coffee and a chat! In fact if any of your friends have a holiday rental please let me know, I’d be very interested!


  2. poppytump says:

    What can I say Charlene !!! Bestest Luck EVER . Keep us posted and follow your Physioterrorists [as my husband called them when in rehab after he broke his ankle ] Instructions to the letter 🙂


  3. Good grief! Leave you alone for a month and you tear up your ankle! 🙂 I’m just shaking my old head here. What else is there left to break on you? I am truly sorry this happened. I am wishing you all the luck I can ESP over to you! 2013 has got to be a good year for you! Take care of yourself and get ready for April.


    • Dear George, Seasons Greetings my dear, and to Rita! 2012 has been a difficult year indeed! I hope 2013 is much kinder to many of us! Thank you for your kindness and I look forward to more from your blog! Bless you x


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