My Handmade Christmas

Well, as most of you know,
I have been laid-up for 8 weeks, with my broken ankle;
non-weight-bearing and  elevated above heart and hip.

It has been the perfect opportunity to get creative.
That is, once the depression and “poor-me” wore off!
These are some of the things I decided to do.

The Grandies especially enjoyed them
and the Christmas Tree looked great.

I crocheted my niece a bobbly scarf,
taught Whitney to bake spicy biscuits and fudge,
and decoupage herself a salt box
to hold her handmade lavender bath salts.

Creative, productive and thoroughly enjoyable!

BTW I hope to do some tutorials on these and other crafts this year! Lol

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35 thoughts on “My Handmade Christmas

  1. Such beautiful crafty xmas decorations … i do hope you are healing up well and will soon be back to strength … with your determination and positive thinking you will soon be running!


  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle!!! Looks like you are keeping busy no matter. I swear, life has a way to slow us down whether we want to or not. Happy new year!!! Heal quickly, Margie

    P.S. Two years ago, I slipped on ice and broke my right wrist the beginning of December. Required surgery. Slowed my butt down, but I didn’t miss a thing. Just had to ask for a bit of help and Christmas went on without a hitch. So, I totally get it. Being totally non weight bearing is a tuffy though. Ahh!


    • Hi Margie, Happy 2013 firstly! Thank you for your comments and wishes! I’ve enjoyed the crafting so much!
      I had surgery on my left wrist 7 Aug and was splinted for 6 weeks, then a removable one while overseas. So I sympathise fully too. The ankle is definitely improving now, I hope to be mobile within a couple of weeks now! Bless you!


  3. A gripping life says:

    You’ve been so busy making wonderful Christmas crafts!! When you put them all together it makes me think you could start a catalog!!! I love them all! ( the crochet tree decorations are beautiful!)
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better, Charlene. I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
    God bless you and your sweet spirit!!!
    all my love,


    • Dear Michelle thank you very much! They got me excited about crafting again. Yes, I’m fighting, but the arms are tired, feet not moving and I realise I need to strengthen in all area! But I’m excited for this year.
      I wish you get to a good fighting place, and your health improves greatly this year. Lots of love xxx


  4. You do beautiful work. Being laid up has it rewards. Look at the wonderful things you have produced. In the future you can look back and see the good that came out of your affliction. Wishing you well in the new year and in your unfinished travel plans.



    • Dear Francine, thank you my dear. Absolutely right. I needed some crafting time, and made the most of this time.
      I’m hoping to go to Italy in about April, and do my postponed Irish Tour, also redo London! Blessings for 2013 x


  5. Oh, I didn’t know CCG – but know exactly the fraustration and enuii you battled against – here in Paradise last year I had four months non weight bearing – three with it in the air …

    Loved your choir of angles.

    Here’s hoping you’re up dancing, and running before too long 🙂


    • Hello TWG, 4 MONTHS!!!! oh my goodness that must have been torture! I’m at 9 weeks and can’t stand it!
      The choir was fun and they are quite cute 🙂
      Thank you so much for the wishes, walking would be good, lol!


      • Meditation was my saviour CCG. Well do I remember that sentiment (walking would be great) too! I have to admit, almost two years out from the accident, I still don’t ‘glide’ the way I used to! and I’d love to feel confident enough to try sitting in the lotus position – that is, if those board-like muscles would allow it 🙂


      • I think crochet and Christmas were mine, lol! I have been walking on one crutch/no boot for a few days, with elevation and rest if it gets sore. It is doing well! I’m very pleased.
        Try sitting cross legged for a time first perhaps? Then one foot at a time? Lol! The position is not vital! It is your heart and mind. I hope you get there easier than you thought possible!


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