My Christmas Crafts: Snowman Tutorial



Cut a saucer sized piece of white net – body
Cut a Coffee cup rim sized piece of net – head


Sew small running stitches into the edge of the net and leave a tail to close.


Take a large piece of polyester stuffing, form into a ball,
place into middle of net and gather top together and knot thread to hold.
Repeat with the head.


Sew the two balls together tightly.
Pinch a piece of net and stuffing down the side and sew a line of stitches to represent arms.


 Take 2 or 3 long threads of red, green and white wool, tie a knot at one end,
and plait the strands together to make a long scarf for your snowman.
Tie the other end in a knot.


 Glue or sew on bead eyes, and orange coloured nose and smiling mouth.


 Wrap and tie on the scarf. You can add a hat if you like.


Make a loop of thread at the top of his head to hang him from the tree,
or insert an opened paper clip into the top of his head to hang from.

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