Crafty days

This year I have decided to devote time to what this blog was created for – crafts! I have been rather neglectful of that, getting side-tracked by all sorts of other things. Not unworthy, but not what the blog was created for :-).

It took being non-weight bearing to get me back to my love of crafting, specifically crochet. Having to keep my foot above hip level, meant I couldn’t sit in my craft room with all my supplies around me. So crochet it was, and since Christmas was here, that’s what I concentrated on. I thougt I’d continue on in holiday fashion and do Valentines, then Easter, etc. Once again, I got side-tracked! By so many gorgeous patterns!
I decided to crochet for my nieces new baby girl first. Especially as she has been ill in her first 2 months of life, poor little mite! So I’m making her a gorgeous dress and bootees. I hope her mum likes crocheted clothes, I didn’t ask, as she’d be polite anyway. 🙂
I am loving the creative process of crochet again! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Crafty days

  1. My grandmother taught me how to crochet. (I’m not so good with finishing projects, though!) I have wonderful memories of her. Maybe one day you’ll teach your grand children to make beautiful things. Wouldn’t that be great? (I wouldn’t mind getting some lessons from you, either, Charlene!)


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