Bath, Somerset

Tuesday 18th September 2012 BATH: Jax and I headed off to Bath by car, passing through some gorgeous scenery. The problem with taking photos from a moving vehicle is that just as you get your photo composed and focussed, there is a Bloody Tree! Or Bloody Car, or Bloody Bus. It became, somewhat, my “Mantra”! You get the picture … er, or DON’T, in this case! Leading to lots more laughs! My photographic journey was thus interrupted and hijacked very often! Ah well! I still managed some great memories.

We were COLD! So our day started off with us buying something warm! Thankfully at 40% off a gorgeous jersey. The wind blew mightily, and it rained, but while we ate a very yummy lunch, very contentedly in the cosy Patisserie Valerie. The Hop on Hop off tour was just great, and I love Bath and all it has to offer too. I couldn’t get over the extent of the allotments. These are tracts of land given over to individuals for rent, to plant their own veggies and flowers. They’re astounding! Bath has a HUGE area in the middle of the city for this. Amazing! Once again the buildings were gorgeous and fascinating. The sense of history pervades everything. It was wonderful.

The queue to get into the Roman Baths was very long, and we gave it a miss. Opting instead, to check out some specialist shops and the cathedral. We went into a little bakery for some bread to take home and I spotted the biggest meringues I’ve EVER seen! I bought 3 for us to have as pavlova with our figs etc. The foot was again a problem, and we elected to make our way home a little earlier. But we were utterly content, and very pleased with our purchases too.

Jax insisted I lie down with my foot propped up on my pillowed suitcase and an icepack perched on top. I had such a good snooze! Bobby and Betty came over for a lovely Chicken Pie dinner and we had a wonderful time. I fell in love with them, and I am now an honourary daughter. So fantastic!


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