Cardiff, Wales

CARDIFF: Jax, Julie and I took for Cardiff wearing purple tops, and our gorgeously sequined, feathered and netted red hats perched on the sides of our heads; stone encrusted Minx brooches dazzling just below our shoulders, and grins plastered on our faces! People grinned right back at us, and many asked what we were up to, delighted at our story! I was introduced to all and sundry as “Charlene, of Africa”. We had strangers offering to take photos of us together, joining in the giggles and fun. We behaved ourselves, but the morning did start off with a breakfast of fantastic blueberry muffins, delicious croissants … and red wine! We had a ball!  I was stunned to hear a seagull cry out at the station! I thought we were miles from the ocean! It made me laugh with joy!

In the Old Arcade, our first stop, Jax bought a beautiful post-box red handbag that I really envy! I bought two camera memory cards as I had battled to download any photos from my camera to my tablet. I think I had too many on there!

We then headed for the Market just a short way up the pedestrian mall. The fish were just gorgeous, and the variety fantastic! I wish we had that here. I bought 6 large black figs, possibly my favourite fruit. The Market was wonderful, with crafty bits, vintage all sorts, clothing, all kinds of media bits and bobs, and all kinds of edibles – fresh from the farm, sea and ready-made as, in baked, cooked, sweets, etc. Walking past a butchers stall, I spotted what I thought were turkey breasts; then I saw the sign saying they were chicken. “Those are huge breasts!” I announced in surprise. Jacky turned around, thrust out her very ample bosom, with a fair amount of cleavage showing, and wickedly said, “Pardon?” The butcher turned all shades of red and purple as he tried to contain himself! We nearly collapsed with giggles at his dilemma, and he blurted out. “I got rather excited then!!” with a glint in his eye.

We posed for photos with George Clooney, in a coffee shop! Then with Elvis strumming his guitar. We invaded a Barber Shop to take photos of all his vintage stuff. We browsed through old records and CD’s, and took so many photos! Of course we laughed and laughed all our way through! Negotiating the stairs down was a nightmare for me. My legs and feet weren’t working properly for starters, and they were awfully steep! I got full blown vertigo, and Jax planted herself firmly in front of me and I gazed at the back of her head all the way down. We spent far too long in there, and it was 13h30 when we left. But every moment was a joy!

Lunch was at Jamie’s Italian. Really delicious, and a great atmosphere too. We somehow had a minor flood on the table from a cracked finger bowl and were treated to an array of breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar that was fab!  Shopping was next on the agenda, but we didn’t get too far as Jax discovered her credit card was missing, and realised she’d left it at The Old Arcade. We were recognised immediately and warmly welcomed back and asked to hold on, as the dear man went off to collect it for us. we stopped in at Wally’s, THE MOST EXCELLENT Delicatessen I’ve ever seen! Tasty tidbits from all over the world! Including Biltong, dry wors and boerewors! These are South African favourites! Biltong is similar to Beef Jerky. But ours is made from long, thick strips of meat, spiced and specially prepared and left to dry. Then it is cut into thin slices, or sticks and is FABulous! The Dry Wors is dried spicy sausage, and boerewors is a spicy sausage best cooked over the coals, or “braaied” as we call it. I bought biltong and dry wors for us.

By this time my ankle was ballooning and very sore, so we elected to go home. No, we did not see the castle, main road or the Millennium Stadium! We probably walked only 1km from the station! But we had a marvellous time! Mandy, darling, you were sorely missed! But we toasted you with every sip or mouthful, and wished you were not sick with every giggle!

The Senior Conductor on the train back, was a lecherous leech, and would NOT leave us alone, slightly spoiling things, but we decided to add it to our experiences and laugh at it. We enjoyed yet more wine and edibles on the trip home! We seemed to have spent the whole day looking at and eating food and drinking wine!

BTW Miss Binky fell in love with biltong. She followed me all the way upstairs and tried to break into my suitcase where it was hiding! She was very determined, and very disappointed! She took in a tour of the cupboard instead, making faces, arching her back and stepping sideways at her reflection in the mirror! She entertained me for ages!


2 thoughts on “Cardiff, Wales

  1. Oh, Charlene, what fun you had!! Good for you! I’m so happy that you had this time. And might I add that you and your friends look gorgeous in your purple and red! haha! So cute. If I had seen you I would have wanted to join in, too. No wonder people were responding to you that way. I love that picture of the market – it reminds me a little of Covent Garden in London.
    I’m okay. Hanging in there. I can see you’re very well (hiding the pain of your ankle superbly.)
    Much love!!


    • Lisa, it was amazing! We were like sisters who hadn’t seen one another for a couple of weeks :-)! As for my ankle, it is still in its gorgeous boot, and I have a snazzy blue crutch. 10 months in, and no progress. Giving it time to rest and heal before agreeing to another op x@


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