My Altered Bag for Knitting Projects


Never being able to find a bag of the right size to cart my knitting around in, I decided to make one. I spotted this fabric shopping tote and a light went on!
I started with the pockets on the outside: 2 pairs of knitting needles, a ruler, tape measure, scissors, pencil, notebook, glasses, tissues (space for chocolate actually), a strip for row counters and stitch holders, 2 sizes of row counters attached with large and medium safety pins. Plus a couple of extra pockets. I also added a knit ruffle here and there. 🙂
Inside I divided into 2 sections with a partition, and added a large pocket for the pattern.
I’m very happy with it. I’ve made another smaller one for crochet, which also holds a pouch for my hooks plus the other accessories. Perfect!

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2 thoughts on “My Altered Bag for Knitting Projects

    • Hi, I’d love to see yours when it is finished! Thanks for the sweet comment. You’ll see, it is really quite easy, once you know what you want from it. Make a list of requirements and add in all the pockets and features required.

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