Spotted Eagle Owls come to stay!

May 16th, 2010

My son had a breeding pair of Spotted Eagle Owls on the patio roof. They ‘talked’ to the owls nightly as the sun went down. Whooo who! One night, their doggie Marge, was wandering around the garden while they waited for sunset on the patio. The owl gave a warning sound – a series of clicks and “whoooo who” – and swooped down on top of her! She got such a fright, and fortunately ran fast enough to get away! Wow! I knew then that the babies had hatched. My son is going to try to see.

Just after that, they decided to take Lola to their new home. Gaz opened the door, and Lola ran out. The same thing happened! A warning sound and swoop! Poor kitteh-cat managed to get under the car just in time. He’s very wary of going out. Poor boy! In fact he arrived at the farm, 7 kilometers away, at around midnight! Poor boy was yowling in dismay!

My son climbed onto the patio roof and took a peek when mom and dad were away. There is one chick, as big as his forearm!! Yay!!!!

We still have them at our farm, but we haven’t had another close encounter. We hear their calls at night and I love it.

I took these as he started flying short distances to practice. He was quite used to seeing us and hearing us, and wasn’t at all fussed with me being so close. He snapped his beak at me when I took the last photo, as it was a bit too close he thought.



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