Shaken, not stirred

Well, I have experienced floods, drought, fire, a tornado and now an earthquake here at the farm. In South Africa, the last two are virtually unknown. The tornado was about 7 years ago. I thought a helicopter was attempting a landing in our courtyard! The noise was so loud! A couple of our workers homes’ lost their roofs, one of our large wagons, for transporting harvested corn, was moved about 10m. A small forest of trees were blown over to about 45 degrees. A stunning experience.

Today it was an earthquake! We often have tremors, as there are mines all over the province. They’re also caused by military artillery practice at the bases nearby. Which is what I thought was happening today. But it didn’t stop! It got stronger, louder and more frightening by the seconds!

I screamed for my daughter-in-law to grab the baby and get outside. We ran out together. I went back to find our maid, who went out of another door. The shaking lasted for 4-5 minutes and we still felt it outside! Very frightening! Our house has many cracks, some floor to ceiling, across the ceiling and back to the floor, one of these has light showing through it. Most are internal, some go right through both sides of the wall. Only a few show outside the house. We have some repairs to do!

Fortunately nobody was hurt. Just 3 very frightened cats and a parrot – they went crazy! Some very frightened people too! Now we wait for aftershocks!

ABC News asked permission to post some of my photos – they’re on BreakingPhotos – lol

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