The Scratching Post – Minx

If there were to be a universal sound denoting peace,
I would vote for the purr


We had 6 dogs, including the most beautiful, 3 year old Great Dane lady. Hayley was gentle, playful, protective, a clown, adoring, curious, runner, and darling of the family. 28th September 2009 the dogs killed a little kitten and brought its body to the house! Poor little baby. The Jack Russell Terriers kill cats, squirrels, birds, etc – if it moves and is smaller than them; it’s dead!

Marge and her two “heinz 57” offspring, mongrels with hearts of gold, have been seen to kill and eat chickens and birds, and they chase feral cats. Hayley, got very excited, but never killed anything, or ate it.

Then Hayley brought a tiny little kitten to the house, without hurting it at all. Samuel took it from her and placed it in a hollow tree trunk. A little later that day, Samuel brought me the wet, cold, mewling little kitten with ears and eyes tightly closed. Hayley rushed over and as the kitten mewed, she whined and licked it gently. He was only days old; eyes and ears still closed up. Too sweet. He lives!

I took this little raggamuffin from my beautiful girl and fell in love. I’ve never had a cat before, but we’d always had feral cats around that enchanted me. I named my little bundle Minx, since I didn’t know what to make of its nether-regions! I’ve had lots of baby orphans and knew that it needed help to eliminate waste. We got baby-cat milk from the vet along with a tiny teated bottle and we started our journey. It was the last present my beautiful girl gave me, she died just 4 days later!

Munchkin, has adopted him. She is besotted, and cries outside my window to be let in. She does toilet duty like a good mommy, and plays with the kitten, with a look of utter amazement on her face. My heart melts at the two of them! I introduced Marge to the kitten with Munchy in attendance. Right decision. Marge was fascinated and relatively gentle. Margie and Jackie both invite him to play and yelp at him, bums in the air! However, I’ll not trust them with him yet, I think ‘play’ may turn into something more sinister if unsupervised!

This is going to be a bit of a challenge! Chloe, the fat Jack Russel, is baffled and just rolls over, silly grin on her face and wags from head to tail! Molly, the tree-climber stays far away, and glares suspiciously!

Minx also loves to bring us presents, birds, bats, mice, baby rats, almost always appearing to be uninjured but sometimes terrified and screaming! They need rescuing, for he only brings them as a token, or to boast!  Tables, chairs and all sorts go flying as doors are slammed, to contain him and we start the bribery to get the poor little thing away. It is not a quiet or dignified scene!

My kitten has been well-documented photographically, and has many doting “aunts” among my facebook friends. Minx is just beautiful and sweet, is a clown, has charmed his way into all our hearts, has unbelievable privileges, and completely rules the roost! What a joy!

Matt kidnapped him when I was away for a bit, and then proceeded to keep him captive for weeks! Minx has turned his back on his mum, and is now Matthew’s baby. Minx attacks me, soft-paws, every time he sees me. Silly boy! I’m dreadfully hurt!

Minx Nov 09 019-1


6 thoughts on “The Scratching Post – Minx

    • Hi Colline, Minx was absolutely fantastic. He ended up thinking he was a dog, I think. He’d come for walks with the dogs and I. When he was outside, he’d always be around the dogs. Sadly, one day, he simply disappeared! We think he was stolen. It broke my heart.


    • Oh my word, Ronnie. What an horrific and terrifying thing to happen! My son was grabbed in the face by a strange dog, but only needed a few stitches, as the dog was old and had very worn teeth. That was bad enough!


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