Artist of the Week – Sam Fender

Wow! This is the son of a fb friend of mine. Shirley, Sam has made you proud. He’s a wonderful talent and I know he’ll go far!!

It is a very special moment when a musician makes you stop what you are doing and listen because they are so good. I can only imagine this is what Owain Davies experienced when he stepped into the Low Lights Tavern in North Shields two years ago. An eighteen year old local singer-songwriter had just been told by the owner of the pub to stop pulling pints and to get on stage and sing. For Sam Fender he didn’t need a second invitation, his manager was usually telling him off for singing rather than encouraging him. Owain Davies, who just so happens to be Ben Howard’s manager, listened to his songs, exchanged numbers with the young boy and left. That evening would mark the beginning of Sam’s remarkable journey in music.

sam fen

That journey has already had undoubtable highs. The list of artists Fender has supported in the last two years…

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