Creepy crawlers: Karate-style Spiders

I‘m scared of spiders too, but like any other “tree-hugger” I can’t bring myself to kill them. They really do so much good, like eating the mozzies that threaten to carry us off in the night, etc. (Yeah RIGHT!)

I remember once getting my “brave” on and grabbing a bucket and a magazine to attempt a relocation of a giant of the species that was in the bath. I wanted to use said bath to rediscover my 3 sons under a covering of mud, grass, twigs and assorted grunge.
I slowly moved the bucket closer and sort of swatted the spider towards the gaping opening. This was accompanied by karate-style shrieks (at least that’s what I told the boys they were; actually, pure terror!). The daft creature took a flying leap at the bucket and landed half in and half out! As much as I screamed in “karate”, it did not get the message to get into the bucket and be covered by the magazine, so that it could be safely, humanely and conservationally relocated to the great outdoors!

I threw the bucket into the bath along with the magazine and beat a screeching, leaping retreat. The three muddy mini-mountains went flying and screaming as their mother stomped all over them in order to save her own hide!

I managed to scrape most of the gunk off the boys and they had a sitz-bath in the kitchen sink that night. Daddy had to deal with the monster when he came home that night! I couldn’t watch, I was laid out on my bed, a bottle of “Rescue” in my hand and seriously considering having one of hubby’s beers to soothe my terror.
Spiders! *shudder*



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