Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


Oooh, my first thought was
“My face”!
as in, it’s NOT!

28 March 2007

28 March 2007

25 July 2007

A motorbike smashed into me, lifting me ,
throwing me through the air,
and I landed on my face.

25 Jul 07 7.40pm

Symmetry: NOT!

26 July 2007 16h10 (3)

 feeling better than I look!

27 July 07 5.20pm

20 August 2012
Looking much better
assymetrical, but BETTER


9 March 2013
some hair styling magic
it’s barely noticeable


Thanks to a brilliant Maxillo-Facial surgeon
with some titanium,
well-placed surgery and delicate stitches;
A great Eye Surgeon
and some 10 surgeries later;
and an equally great Specialist Dentist
and some 15 “new” teeth!
I feel good!


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