Crochet Design Series 1, in the Beginning… Design Inspiration

Wow this is going to be fantastic!

Same DiNamics Crochet

Welcome to the first of five in the Crochet Design Series! Last week, you had the opportunity to meet the designers who are participating in the series. These designers will be sharing their knowledge with us on what they do to design a crochet pattern. Each designer has their expertise and I love that they are sharing their tips with us.

SDC Crochet Design Series Designers Crochet Design Series Designers

Series 1- Crochet Designing, In the Beginning… Design Inspiration

Welcome, designers, thank you for being here and sharing your vast knowledge on what it takes to design a crochet pattern. I’m really excited to learn more, as perhaps are the readers out there who are looking forward to learn more. 🙂

Can you please give a brief introduction into how you got into designing crochet patterns? 

As a newbie designer, I have some ideas floating around in my mind about what design I’d like…

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