Product Review : The Ilona Heritage Hook

I love all things South African. Here are Crochet Hooks all home-grown!

The Ilona Heritage Hook is a proudly South African product, handcrafted by local artisans. It’s custom-made from rosewood, on order.

Each hook comes in its own special little wooden crate:
Ilona 1Ilona 2

Hilda, from Yarn In A Barn tests each hook before it leaves her shop. She includes the swatch with the hook:Ilona 3 Apart from the wooden crate, the plastic cover is probably the most important accessory. Wood is not a durable as plastic or aluminium. Your hook WILL break if you leave it unprotected and it falls. Ilona 4 Its delicately turned point, throat, groove and shaft is nothing short of a piece of art. The point slides easily through any type of yarn, including those that are prone to splitting. The groove catches the yarn effortlessly. The overall result is crochet stitches that are far more uniform, and a lot neater than can be made using a regular hook.Ilona 5Ilona 6 This hook is…

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