Crochet Design Series 3, the Testing Phase

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Welcome back! I’m so glad that you are here following along with the Crochet Design Series. We are halfway through the series. So far, we’ve covered design inspiration and the writing of the pattern. Now we move on to the testing phase. I wonder what these designers do when and if they need to test a pattern. Let’s find out! 

Series 3, Crochet Designing, the Testing Phase

Welcome, designers! I want to once again thank you for sharing your time and your knowledge to help others in their journey to designing crochet patterns. Your input is valuable. 🙂

Whew… we’ve made it and completed the writing process of the pattern and we’ve got a sample, perhaps, of the pattern all worked up. Now, it’s time to possibly test the pattern to see if it all flows and transferred from your mind to the paper.

If you do test your…

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