Mandala Art by Lize Beekman

Wow, such exquisite art by Lize and Anneke! My mother died just before my 10th birthday, I had never really drawn before, but was compelled to start then. I started drawing intricate, interconnected patterns that were not in a circular form, but had very distinct similarities to the mandalas I have subsequently seen. It is definitely a spiritual meditation or prayer I believe. I would get lost in the detail and calmness and relaxation would spread through me. Beautiful. Drawing became a strong passion and outlet, and was until an accident damaged my eyesight in 2007. Now I crochet mandalas and get the same feelings from them!



You know I have an absolute passion for Mandalas. Their form, their shape the potential they hold. The ability they have to make one relax, explore stepping out of your comfort zone and simply allowing one to enter into a dream like state.

Mandalas are magical they have popped up in my life in many forms, crochet being one of them. Anneke Wiese as you know is one of my favourite mandala crafters. Below are only a few examples of her beautiful pieces of art.

PicMonkey Collage3


Looking beyond crochet you will find that mandalas have popped up in many wonderful adult colouring in books that have recently taken the world by storm. I found magic in the beauty of the work done by Lize Beekman. Her mandalas, are intricate, passionate and full of energy.   And I could not resist chatting to Lize about how she discovered mandalas.

PicMonkey Collage

What inspires…

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