Caring for your Crochet Hooks – An Overlook Habit

This is an invaluable article, These are the tools that keep me creative anf happy, they deserve to be well looked after! Thank you so much!

Crochet With Passion

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Over time I have invested a lot of money in a rather nice collection of crochet hooks. Crochet hooks that are meant to last a life time, and with proper storage and care you could add life to your hooks. I have found that in my students that there is often an overlooked habit that most crocheters do not consider. This post will be on how to care for your crochet hooks. With your hooks being the main tool of your craft, you do not want to go through the expense of buying the same hook over and over again because you damaged or lost the first one. For every hook you have to repurchase is one less skein of yarn you will buy.

Storing Crochet Hooks:

When I first started crocheting I kept my hooks in a Pringles potato chip canister. What I did not realize at the timeā€¦

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