the gentle art of crochet

I remember the first time I tried to crochet.

It was long before youtube, pinterest and the internet. I think I bought a crochet book at the hospice and all the necessary tools at the local wool shop…… and the struggle started.

It was not an easy journey.

Now, after many decades I absolutely love to crochet! Where it was frustrating and complicated it is now relaxing and energizing and the feeling of completing something is so GOOD!

I felt quite confident with my crochet skills, making hats, scarfs, blankets that turned into cushion covers (it is sometimes difficult to finish something you know) ….. but reading a pattern was still a daunting task. The magical land of crochet diagrams and written patterns was out of my reach and something I struggled with and contributed to a few grey hairs!

With this in mind something beautiful was created… The Gentle…

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