Ballerina for Stacy

My granddaughter turns 4 on 17 May 2018. She is a real tomboy, loving the outdoors and getting really dirty. But, she has a very girlie side too. I recently became interested in making fancy cakes, and when asked what cake she’d like me to make for her birthday, she asked for a ballerina cake. I decided to attempt a ballerina doll that could also be small enough to go on the cake as I am not convinced I could make one from sugar paste.

This one has a pipe cleaner skeleton so she can be posed, and is very light. It was great fun, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

20180504_224313 (513x640)    20180504_224118

One thought on “Ballerina for Stacy

  1. Melanie says:

    Hi, your pattern “Stacy’s Flower Squared Afghan” is beautiful. I just need a little help with the 5dc in 3ch space. The flower square has 3 groups of 5 on each side but the other square has 4 groups of 5 on each side, am I reading your pattern incorrectly? Not sure how I am going to join them.


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