My Baby Makes

I wanted nothing more, than to be a wife and mother.
I was given 3 sons, who delighted and drove me crazy, in equal parts!
I had longed for a girl to make pretty things for, but God, in His wisdom, knew that I’d be hugely frustrated at
1) not having time to make all the things I wanted, or
2) making all the things I wanted and leaving everything else to go to rot!
So, the baby girl was on hold.


My son, daughter-in-love and 2 grandsons live on the farm with us.
They had a baby girl in May 2014!
Granny is sewing, knitting and crocheting to her hearts’ content! Bliss!!!!
I am soo blessed to have all my Grandies under my roof!

I have made, (and I sell to order,)

  • Dresses
    Crocheted and sewn, sometimes in one dress!
  • Skirts – crocheted and sewn
  • Crochet Rompers
  • Cardigans and Pullovers -crocheted and knitted
  • Matinee Jackets – crocheted
  • Leggings and Diaper covers – crocheted and sewn
  • Booties and shoes
  • Hats, Mittens and gloves
  • Blankets crocheted in all sorts of patterns
  • Cot Bumpers – I design and sew safe ones allowing air to circulate freely
  • Sewed an Owl Donut
  • Sew Burpies or Du-dus
  • Taggies and Cumfies
  • Toys – crocheted and sewn

2 thoughts on “My Baby Makes

  1. val borchardt says:

    My darling charl
    Have been following all your gorgeous clothes for stacey jean….as i said you are so talented…..keep it up my girl


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