My Right Foot


I really am accident prone! This poor foot has been in the wars!

August 2012, just 2 weeks before my dream trip of a lifetime -The Roar Tour – I tripped over a tree root. I was trying to catch a 2 year old grandson who was trying to climb through the fence to pet the bull! Xrays showed nothing, so I hobbled off, in great pain, bruising and swelling, on my 1st trip overseas.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my trip on buses, I couldn’t get off to explore as my foot was agonising. 11 weeks after the fall, and after my holiday, a CT Scan reveal that I’d severely crushed the talus bone in my ankle. An immediate operations was performed, and I sported a moon boot. For a year!!!! It just wouldn’t heal!

I went overseas 6 months later to finish my tour – cut short after a death in the family. However, I was once again stuck on buses as, even with the moon boot and crutches, it was really painful.

I just keep injuring it! I ran it over with a door late last year. It turned all colours of the rainbow.

Then I dropped a pumpkin on it last week!