My Sophies Universe CAL



FINISHED! My Sophie stayed square thoughout.

I am loving this CAL – Crochet-A-Long!┬áIt is superbly designed and tutorialised (Is that a word?) by Dedri Uys of Look At What I Made. The CAL will finish at the end of May 2015.
here is the link:

I am crocheting this for my Granddaughter, Stacy. It will be for her bed, but not to tuck in, just to lay over the end, as hers will be a double bed, to accommodate her other grandparents when they visit. Mom has chosen the colours.


I have decided to do a second one in cotton thread, in white, variegated pink/purple and variegated blues. I’ve just started this one, so no photo just yet.

UPDATE: April 2015

I missed quite a few, but I have started teaching crochet classes, and am making 4 blankets at the same time! BUSY!!!!

Here is where I got to with my Sophie’s Universe:


Well, actually it was quite a bit further, all the way to Round 80, but I neglected to take a photo!!

Then I decided I wanted to keep it to 4 sides only, and frogged (ripped out – rip it! rip it! rip it!) from round 80 back to Round 36! I have started over, writing it up as I go, as I want to make one of my others the same way.

So, here is the reworked Sophie, which I have dubbed Sophie’s Galaxy, as it will follow the long side rounds from Sophie’s Universe.


Siiiiighhhh, A long way to go!