Hi, my name is Charlene.
I live on a farm, in South Africa.

At the rising and setting of the sun, I glory in the work of Your hands

I am married, we have three sons, two grandsons and a granddaughter.
We share our home with Middle son (Farm Manager), Daughter-in-love and the Grandchildren;
plus our Youngest (in business with Dad).
Our Eldest lives in the Big Smoke an hour away.

We are owned by our Congo African Grey Parrot Georgie; 5 female, spayed dogs,
1 neutered cat, Lola (we got his sex wrong!!); 2 spayed cats Sally and Mavis;
and assorted domestic animals and wildlife.

Craftcrazygran has undergone renovation, reconstruction and renewal.
My Blog started out as a Craft Site.
I have so many interests,
and recently fulfilled some long-held dreams and goals.
My Blog meandered onto all of these things,
losing a little of it’s original identity,
So it’s not just about Crafts, but a smorgasboard!

I recently started CraftCrazyGran’s WorkShop
in our closest large town, Potchefstroom.
I teach Crochet,
Host CALs – Crochet-a-Longs.
and have a smattering of handmade pieces and supplies for sale.
I’m really enjoying it!

So, grab a cup of coffee,
settle in,
and enjoy!

– They came to negotiate grazing rights in the garden!


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