Cabled Baby Cocoon

Since our little Princess has not arrived yet,
Bronwyn Teddy is modelling
the Cable knit Cocoon

Cabled Cocoon

Cable-knit Cocoon

Soft and snug
and so very sweet
on a Newborn


My Altered Bag for Knitting Projects


Never being able to find a bag of the right size to cart my knitting around in, I decided to make one. I spotted this fabric shopping tote and a light went on!
I started with the pockets on the outside: 2 pairs of knitting needles, a ruler, tape measure, scissors, pencil, notebook, glasses, tissues (space for chocolate actually), a strip for row counters and stitch holders, 2 sizes of row counters attached with large and medium safety pins. Plus a couple of extra pockets. I also added a knit ruffle here and there. 🙂
Inside I divided into 2 sections with a partition, and added a large pocket for the pattern.
I’m very happy with it. I’ve made another smaller one for crochet, which also holds a pouch for my hooks plus the other accessories. Perfect!

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Craft Mania

The trip to UK and Italy has lit a fire in me!

I haven’t stopped crafting since getting home 22 May.

I’m having a ball!!

I’ve made hats and earwarmers

3 hats and 2 earwarmers (1) (640x427)

4 pairs of fingerless gloves

2 scarves

made 2 diaper cakes

IMG-20140226-00346 IMG-20140226-00350

3 pairs of booties

DSC_3029 (2) (640x427)

a faux-fur throw

a baby receiving blanket

Potchefstroom-20141004-01178 (2)

a Taggie Teether, or more

20140217_134508 Taggie teether

a Bear Cumfie Blankie

Teddy Cumfie

2 stuffed toy rattles: a car and a train

4 Altered Bags

a Cable knit bag

Cable-knit handbag with leatherette band

produced a 30 page photo-book on my travels

made baby clothes

crocheted baby clothes

made toys and baby accessories

made Christmas presents and decorations

and I’m still busy :-)!
I’ll be posting photos soon

Bagging it: Altered Needlework Bags

I have been crocheting and knitting non-stop for months, with a Baby Shower, winter and all sorts!  I decided that I needed a small bag to carry my “latest” project around in. So I altered a great little fabric bag from Highgrove, bought in Tetbury, on my travels. It is the perfect size. I added internal pockets to contain my pattern, wool and work, Crochet Hook Roll Case, that also contained my scissors, tape measure, pencil, stitch/row markers and sewing needles.

I have since altered another large fabric shopping bad for my stash of 25+ knitting needles, also with pockets for the scissors, etc. It is so large, though, that I again needed a project bag!

So, I bought another small fabric shopping bag, and altered that to hold an extra pair of knitting needles, scissors etc, and pockets for notebook, pattern, specs, etc. This time with the pockets on the outside, in beautifully coordinated fabric and knitted ruffles. Each bag is getting better as I realise what I need most. The two bags are basically the same, but tailor-made for crochet hooks or knitting needles. But, in fact, I am going to re-make the crochet bag, with the pockets outside.
I am thrilled with the results!

Here’s a “sorta” tutorial, but without measurements, as bags differ in size.

Use a deeper bag for knitting needles to stand upright in their individual pair-pockets. If you only have a few pairs of needles, make enough pockets for them all on the wide side of your bag, alternatively, make only 3 pockets, one for your needle without stitches, 1 for your ribbing needles, and another for double-pointed needles. I have also added another short pocket, for cabling needles.

You need a wide and high pocket for your pattern, so use the other wide side of the bag for this.. Make a row of shorter pockets on one narrow side, to contain your scissors, with a tie to keep them from falling out. Another for a tape measure, looped and tied as well. Another for a pen/pencil, and lastly a notebook to keep track of stitches, rows, ideas, etc!

On the other narrow side, make two pockets, for specs, tissues, chocolate, etc :-).

I prefer the pockets on the outside of the bag, so there is plenty of room inside, for your work, and your wool. You could make a separation between them with a fabric enclosed partition of card if you prefer, or expandable pockets on either wide side. It is your choice. I chose to partition them and attached my partition top and bottom to the narrow sides.

Have fun!